Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Martyrs Walk: Remembering St. Robert Southwell

St. Robert Southwell is remembered on October 25 with the other martyrs of England, but his particular feast is today. He is one of those rare heroes that really makes you stop and think! He was held in the tower of London for 3 years and tortured repeatedly for his faith. We need Catholics of this kind of faith today! To learn more about him you can click here.

The above video is a trailer to promote new short film about the martyrs of England and Wales along the route to Tyburn with powerful original music and imagery. The Martyrs Walk combines powerful visuals shot on location in London during the Martyrs Walk which took place June 2008 organized by Miles Jesu, with beautiful historical still images and original sketches of lesser known saints such as Henry Morse which have been designed, sketched and created specifically for this production. With a powerful, moving and extremely atmospheric soundtrack composed directly for this film, The Martyrs Walk is sure to transport you instantly back into the midst of the martyrs along the Tyburn way. Listen to the voices of the martyrs and observers as they walk with the pilgrims along the route, interceding for the people in England today.

To order the video please click here.

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