Monday, August 17, 2009

A Divine Vocation

This is a beautiful vocation story video done by the Dominican Sisters in Summit, NJ. The religious life and monastic life is still drawing young people. Let's continue to pray for those who say yes that they might remain faithful!


Carlos Echevarria said...

Father, did you know there is a Salesian Bishop in Honduras that is trying to run on the hard left, pro-Communist presidential ticket in Honduras????

Bishop of Santa Rosa de Copán, Luis Santos Villeda!!!

Cesar Ham, the putative candidate resigned and this pro-Zelaya, pro-Chavez bishop wants to run in his place, however, there are some issues with elegibility and the Honduran Constitution. (must be a lay person, maybe he will pull a Lugo, like the Paraguayan pres.)

An ardent Liberation Theologist, on par with Jean Bertrand Aristide!!!!

Moniales said...

Actually, Father, this video was not done by us and was stollen by someone from Toni Greaves site without her permission. It was considerably changed and modified.

This was supposed to be removed from YouTube but it seems it never happened.

You can see the REAL THING at

Padre Steve said...

Thanks for that info Sister. I will have to look up the original video and have a look. God bless!