Monday, January 5, 2015

Johnny Cash on Suffering, Success, The Classics, and The Gospel

The following comes from Summa This, Summa That:

Every time I begin to despair of the InterWebs and their ability to offer anything of legitimate value, they come along with something like this: Here, via theBlank on Blank folks, is an animated interview with the legendary Man in Black, Johnny Cash himself, from some time in 2006.

Really, really great stuff. A man of tremendous talent, a man who’s been chastened and humbled time-and-again — often as a result of his own actions — and has learned from that chastisement. A man who knows and understands himself and his weaknesses well. A clear-eyed man, and an inspirational one. (The pain-killer line, for example, is fantastic. Sort of throw-away, as he delivers it. But dead-on. Andprofoundly self-aware.)

See the rest here.

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