Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Les Stroud: Living off the grid

I am a big survivorman fan! I came across Les Stroud's off the grid project and found it to be very interesting and maybe you will too. Is this kind of simple living still possible today?  What do you think?

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Dependant Rational Animal said...

Interesting option and very attractive to me if I were ever to have a family (which I won't) but sort of sad also the way "saving" the environment has a almost cult like status with some that cause them to make some of the same sacrifices that we Catholics make for our God.

I would love to live this way, but only so that I could be closer to God's nature, free from societies "orthodoxies," and so that my children could grow up free of the "hydro" of the world and full of the water of everlasting life.

Of course the talk of family is hypothetical. ; )

Fr. Ron