Friday, November 14, 2014

The Spirit of God is a Spirit of Peace

The following comes from Spirit Daily:

The Spirit of God is a spirit of peace, and He speaks and acts in peace and gentleness.

Underscore his words: the motions of God are delicate touches; they don't make noise; and they can penetrate our spiritual consciousness only if we have within us a sort of calm "zone," and tranquility.

So says a priest named Jacques Philippe, in a new book of note: In the School of the Holy Spirit.

In other words: don't cause yourself trouble. Don't let agitation inside make it difficult to hear His still, small Voice (I Kings 19:12).

How to reach the calm zone?

It is a gradual process, this priest points out. We have to work at it. We have to desire it. We have to orient toward it. We have to keep at it, in all situations. We have to pray for it.

And we have to achieve the ability to block out troublesome thoughts (which so often come from the enemy -- or should we say: the Agitator).

If we don't seek peace of mind actively, "in all circumstances," we lose direct contact with the Lord.

In spite of everything, make this effort. (An effort it is!)

But what results.

In short, we have to practice peace of mind, and the heart follows. We have to hold it as a goal. When we don't we react to situations in a human, agitated, hasty way, we maintain inner tranquility.

Fighting fire with fire causes a mess (note the scorching, note the soot), as well as interior consternation.

"It isn't easy," writes the priest, "but by practicing hope in God, abandonment, humility, and the acceptance of our inner poverty through an unshakeable truth in God's Mercy, we will reach peace little by little."

Don't you hate that feeling of losing that? Of disturbance? Of anxiety? Yet, it happens every day all day, even at night. The devil's playground (or battlefield) is the mind. As John of the Cross said, "Take care to preserve your heart in peace; let no happening of this world upset it." When you have peace, you have faith. Watch God answer wondrously!

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