Monday, May 26, 2008


I found this information on Gateway Pundit and am happy to add it here as well. Thanks to the patriots on wheels for showing support to our troops and vets!

Rolling Thunder Roared Into Washington DC Today.
The pro-veterans and MIA biker group gave President Bush a leather jacket and vest when they stopped by the White House during their annual ride to support veterans.

Bush commended the group for the outstanding work they do supporting veterans and veteran causes.

Rolling Thunder rolled into Washington DC this weekend.
The 21st annual rally is expected to bring about 300,000 motorcyclists into Washington for a ride from the Pentagon to the National Mall.

Rolling Thunder is a national organization that spends hundreds of thousands of dollars in financial support, food, clothing and other essentials to sanctioned veterans' groups, veterans and veterans' families in need, homeless veteran programs, women's' crisis centers, and toys for children. It is comprised of men and women with 40-45% being non-veterans with the balance being veterans from all wars and peace-time.

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Anonymous said...

We saw LOTS of them on the road Sunday getting up to DC! On our way up 95N, there were people posted on the overpasses ready to wave flags as the bikes roared by!
Good Stuff!