Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Monastic Conversion of Life


Carlos Echevarria said...

Hello Father,

What happened to your Facebook account?

Padre Steve said...

I just took a break for a while. I will get back to it eventually. I hope all is well in sunny Florida!? Be assured of prayers!

Unknown said...

How beautiful the face of the monk describing the beauty of his monastic life. The evangelical counsels do set us free to love move deeply, with what I call the love of exclusivity, the Lord Who is the Greatest Lover of all. For me, it is living a simple life style that sets me free from great attachment to material things. Obedience to the Law of God, the Magisterium of the Church and all lawful authority frees me for a life guided in all ways and helping me on the way to salvation. I am a totally free individual. Giving one's life completely to the Lord is not a life of gruesome captivity, but a life of loving self surrender. I am grateful for the life to which the Lord has called me.