Thursday, July 17, 2008

World Youth Day: Recieve the Power!

Here are a couple of videos from H20 News from World Youth Day! Let's pray that the young people all over the world... RECEIVE the POWER!

"This is main youth festival for the Friday night of World Youth Day. What's the vision behind this event?"

There was a number of communities, Catholic communities, that all had a vision for wanting to provide an event that would really center on receiving the power of the Holy Spirit. The exciting thing about Receive the Power Live is that you don't have to be a World Youth Day registered pilgrim to come. Anyone is free and welcome to come to Receive the Power Live. We've been able to connect with some amazing people as you say. The Matt Maher Band from the US, they're probably the number one Catholic worship band. It will really blow their minds in terms of the music that they will hear because it's contemporary music, it's music that you can actually dance to. And then we are so blessed and so privileged to have Darlene Zschech and Hillsong United who are acclaimed all over the globe for their worship music. Bishop Joe Gresh is going to be amazing he absolutely rocks. He is one of the best preachers your ever going to hear and he has such a passion for young people. We have John Pridmore who as you probably heard he's an ex-gangster from London who has an incredible testimony about coming to a conversion experience.

All ministry, all mission begins with opening ourselves up to the Holy Spirit and putting our faith into action. Right here, right now. Receive the Power Live. Friday night.

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