Sunday, April 18, 2010

Don Bosco's Dream at the age of 9


Anonymous said...

Thanks, my brother.

Padre Steve said...

Hey Mike, you did a beautiful job! The video should have gotten a couple of thousand hits today, but youtube's lousy counter stopped at 327 earlier today. They are scamming you! Keep up the great work on your website and on the videos! God bless!

James Wesly Smith said...

From one whois of the Black Catholic branch-STELLAR WORK!

Nice narration,too!

Pax Christi

James Wesly Smith

James Wesly Smith said...

Posted one, but don't know if it published.

From the Black Catholic branch--stellar work.

Nice narration as well. This is the kinda stuff that should be made available to parochial schools, across the globe, Africa the Caribbean, South Pacific and such.

Pax Christi

James Wesly Smith

Unknown said...

Hai Father i am a Salesian too from India. i just happened to see your site. its beautiful. i am so happy to see the You tube of Don bosco at the age of 9. Congrats father. keep it up