Monday, September 14, 2009

Salesian Formation

I just wanted to share this family photo with all of you! This year we are blessed here at Don Bosco Residence to have 21 men in formation! The number has grown steadily over the past few years and we hope and pray that we might continue to move in this direction. We also have another 11 men in other centers in formation for our province. God is so good and generous with us! Let's pray that more and more young people will say yes to the call to follow Christ in the service of the young like Don Bosco! Here is the link to the vocation office for more information on the Salesians.

I thought I would invite all of you to pray for our men:


Lenny Carlino (New York)
Chris Carlson (New York)
Kevin Corcoran (Virginia)
Travis Gunther (Arkansas)
Eric Loster (Michigan)
Mark O'Dea (New Jersey)
Matt Panozzo (Texas)
Dan Quebedeaux (Louisiana)
Kyle Zinno (Arkansas)


Eduardo Chincha (New York)
Justin Czupinski (Michigan)
Adam Dupre (Rhode Island)
Andrew Smolin (New Jersey)
Marc Stockhausen (Ohio)

Br. Paul Chu (Massachusetts)
Br. Minh Danh (Virginia)
Br. Wilgintz Polynice (New York)
Br. Gustavo Ramirez (California)
Br. Dieunul Victor (New York)

and Theologian Br. Mike Leschinski (Ohio)

We have 2 Novices

Philip Ehling (Ohio)
Juan Pablo Rubio (Michigan)

Please pray also for the men in formation who are out teaching:

John Langan (Connecticut)
Andy Lucchese (California)
Br. Mike Equino (New York)
Br. Rob Malusa (New York)

And our theologians in Jerusalem

Br. Jim Zettel (Ontario)
Br. Matt DeGance (Florida)
Deacon Manny Gallo (Florida)

And in Mexico

Br. Miguel Suarez (New York)
Br. Fidelmar Perez (Illinois)

May they all continue to say yes to God's will in their lives!

For more information on Salesian Vocations please click here.

Also some other recent formation news here and also here!


Father Schnippel said...

Congrats, what a great group!

Padre Steve said...

Thanks Padre, yes we are blessed! Keep up the great work in Ohio! God bless!

Carlos Echevarria said...

Will pray for your group members, thanks for posting...

Chris Osgood said...

Thats great!

Padre Steve said...

Thanks guys for the prayers and support! God bless you too!

James H said...

Great I am going t highlight this again tonight