Friday, July 31, 2009

Pope calls staff at Les Combes his 'invisible and efficient angel

The following comes from the CNA:

As Pope Benedict XVI departed from his vacation villa in northern Italy, he thanked the staff that attended to him and called them his “invisible and efficient angels.”

From the balcony where he prayed the Angelus on Sunday, July 26, the Holy Father addressed police officers, firefighters, and staff from the Vatican Health Care Services and said, “Dear friends, at the conclusion of these two weeks of vacation, I thank you from my heart for such competent, discreet and efficient service.”

“You have been like angels: angels are invisible but at the same time efficient. You have been such as well. You were invisible to me, but always efficient,” he added. The Pope said he spent his vacation in “heavenly peace” and in silence interrupted only be “the sounds of the Creator,” such as the singing of birds.

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