Thursday, December 9, 2010

Inspiration In The Desert

The following comes from the NPR site:

My introduction to composer Robert Kyr was a result of foolishness and grace. I didn't know anything about him or his luminous music before New Year's Eve 2008.

On that fateful day, my friend Bill and I were spending the holidays with our families in northern New Mexico. We decided to drive out and visit the Monastery of Christ in the Desert, a community of Benedictine monks who live in a starkly beautiful, remote location near the town of Abiquiu, about an hour and a half's drive northwest of Santa Fe. They pass their days in manual labor, study, prayer and contemplation.

Like dumb flatland Texans, we pulled off the highway and headed down a 13-mile winding, hilly, unpaved road in a Toyota minivan without chains on the tires.

The road started out deceptively easy to navigate, but as we drove farther, driving conditions deteriorated. The snow deepened. The road narrowed. The shoulder disappeared. A mile short of our destination, the van slid off the road and sunk into a snow bank.

We were stuck. And we were stupid.

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