Monday, August 3, 2009

World Youth Day Madrid 2011

This is the World Youth Day logo for Madrid 2011.

It symbolizes the letter M for Madrid and the M for Maria, and it evokes youth coming together.

The logo also has a cross that reflects the theme for World Youth Day, rooted and built up in Christ and established in the faith.

According to the creator of the logo, the orange, red, and yellow symbolize Spains warmth and the warmth of God.
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Those who are looking for information on World Youth day 2011 can now find it online by way of social networking.

Madrid 2011 just announced its presence on the social networking site twitter, a virtual forum where users can write and read short messages on certain topics.

World Youth Days digital presence is also felt on Facebook and the Spanish website tuenti.

Madrid will play host to World Youth Day for a week in August of 2011 where more than a million people are expected to attend. The internet has become a tool to keep up with the preparations and keep track of new developments.

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John Bradley said...

There is a brilliant new video on YouTube celebrating the aniversary of World Youth in Sydney last year at:

It's by Shon Productions and definitely worth checking out, they had great bands like sons of korah, ascending rain and even rob galea.

Bishop Joe organized a fantastic event.