Saturday, January 23, 2010

Miracle Smile

This is amazing! Look at the smile on Kiki's face as he comes out of the ruble after a week! This comes from Yahoo:
It's been over a week since the Haitian earthquake devastated the country. Sadly, at this point, finding survivors is becoming increasingly rare. Still, there are glorious exceptions -- like Kiki, the young boy who flashed a million-dollar smile after being lifted from the rubble.

The rescue was captured on camera. As you'll see below, Kiki's older sister, Sabrina, was pulled out first. Seven-year-old Kiki comes out next, looking a bit dazed. However, after seeing the crowd, the survivor immediately smiles and extends his arms in triumph. A photographer from the New York Post described the scene and the crowd's reaction.

After so much heartbreak and tragedy, this was a rescue that inspired the masses. When asked why he smiled so broadly, Kiki responded, "I smiled because I was free, I smiled because I was alive."

After being treated for their injuries and dehydration, the two children were reunited with their parents. No doubt the children were happy. In time they'll understand just how happy they'd made everyone else.

Watch the incredible moment below, and learn how you can donate to Haiti here.

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