Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The story of St. Perpetua goes anime

A woman willingly takes a stand for her faith.

That woman is St. Perpetua, and now her story is coming to life in a new animated DVD. Catholic Heros of the Faith presents The story of St. Perpetua hoping her faith and martyrdom will inspire the minds of young Catholics with the lives of holy people.

St. Perpetua and her friends were arrested in Carthage, North Africa in 203 A.D and martyred after refusing to renounce their faith. But while she was behind bars she kept detailed accounts of what she was going through, details played out in the film.

The producers say the movie teaches kids about conviction and features what they call true heros. While the film depicts intense moments, including the death of St. Perpetua, the film maker says the half-hour DVD is appropriate for kids over 8 years old.

The Story of St. Perpetua is the first in a series of animated films Catholic Heros of Faith plan to produce including one on life of John Paul II and another on the Blessed Mother Teresa.

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