Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Interactive Bible

Experience the Bible like never before.

That is the promise of Glo, the worlds newest, most technologically advanced interactive Bible.

But what makes it so different from a standard biblical text?

The multi-faceted computer-based creation does things a conventional Bible cannot, bringing the Word of God to life through HD video images, animations, maps, 360-degree virtual tours and more.

With thousands of photos and encyclopaedic articles, there is a diverse array of visual imagery to accompany the Bible's text.

Glo also allows you to read through the Word of the Lord, in anyway you see fit. You can look up where a biblical event took place, check out timelines for the Bibles events or use the search tool to find specific topics or themes.

MyGlo, you can take your personal Biblical experience to a new level by setting up reading plans and goals. Or simply type in your mood for the day and Glo will pull up passages tailored to your own emotions.

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