Sunday, May 18, 2008

Shrine to Our Lady of Guadalupe

The Shrine to Our Lady of Guadalupe in Lacrosse, Wisconsin, is faithful to the message of the Blessed Virgin Mary through her appearances on the American continent in 1531, and serves the spiritual needs of those who suffer poverty in body and soul. It's mission statement states that it is a place of prayer for the corporal and spiritual welfare of God's children, especially those in most need. It looks like it will be a beautiful place to pray and honor Our Lady! Visiting this Shrine is another thing on my things to do list!


JM said...

In the small picture you posted.. I love that tower. It's a shame that I'm just not sure something like that could be duplicated in Lego Brick for this year's project I'm working on.

-The Lego Church Project

Adoro said...

I've not been to the shrine in LaCrosse, although I've been to the Basilica in Mexico City twice.

I wasn't a practicing Catholic at the time..I wanted to be, but I'd fallen away and was just really wandering around "lost." Well, we walked into the Basilica, and suddenly it was like she KNEW I was there. I can't explain it. That night we actually arrived in Puebla, where we'd be spending the next 3 months of our lives, and the first thing I did after I got settled in my room was to sit down and draw the image. That week I learned the Hail Mary in Spanish (from a Protestant! So it's slightly wrong...but has the same meaning.) And I'm pretty sure that visit and my subsequent one have been important for where I am today.

I think once the Blessed Mother has you, you belong to her no matter what.

Padre Steve said...

Jim, I think it would be a cool Church to build for your project! Good luck on that! And Julie I agree about the Blessed Mother! She has her way of claiming her children! God bless!