Friday, January 23, 2009

Is the Mother of God appearing in Malta?

This is something I had not heard of before, but there are alleged apparitions happening in Malta! We have to pray for discernment in all of these kinds of things, but it is important to reflect on what the grace of God might be doing there. Here is a site with more information. Here is the official English website. For more videos you can click here.

Angelik, is a visionary and stigmatist from a small island called Malta who since the 21st of April, 2006 has been seeing the Mother of God to whom she gives her messages. Angelik also suffers the pain of the stigmata.

This Video shows how everthing started when a statue of the Immaculate Conception wept tears of blood in his house on 23rd January 2006.

A narration on the chronological facts that occurred on Borg in-Nadur Hill at Birzebbuga in Malta.

What is the Main Message of the Mother of God in these apparitions?

What is she asking from us, her children?

The Early Apparitions...

The following comes from a facebook page:

Since 2006, the Virgin Mary has been appearing in Malta to a certain Anglik Caruana on a hill known as "Borg in-Nadur' in Birzebbuga, presenting herself as the Queen of Peace of Family and asking for an urgent conversion in families. She has been insisting for us to intercede, in particular for five countries, namely: Iran, Russia, America, China and Australia.

With her motherly love, in a series of apparitions which still occur to this day, (every Wednesday on a weekly basis), Mary gives a message to the world which can be summed up in five main points: prayer from the heart, fasting, reconciliation with God and with our neighbour, conversion and peace, especially by means of praying the rosary, in particular for families to overcome the forces of evil.

The centrality of the apparitions is the Eucharist, and this is reflected, in paritulcar, in a prayer which she gave to Angelik: "Holy Trinity we adore you, My God My God we love you in the most blessed Sacrament', - an echo of the same prayer she had given to the children of Fatima a century ago.

These apparitions are being followed by the Church thanks to two priests. An international team of established psychologists is also involved to investigate this case from a psychological/ paranormal viewpoint.

The website of the Spiritual Director of Angelik, Fr. Hayden Williams, OFM, can be found here.


Kevin Symonds said...

The group promoting this stuff is questionable. They should not be saying "Our Lady IS messages, etc."

To do such is pre-empting a judgment of the Church and raises concerns about auto-suggestion.


Patrick Martin said...

Dear Kevin,
I actually read your comment before watching the videos and it negatively influenced my judgment before I actually viewed the materials. After seeing them, it was obvious that you had not even taken the time to look at them or else you wouldn't have made those comments.
You don't do anyone a favor, nor are you accurately defending the Faith when you make comments like that out of ignorance without even examining the material that's being presented. Please take the time to actually watch the videos and read the texts presented there, then I believe that you will see your statements are already answered in full, that the author fully submits to the judgment of the Church. Would you please watch them and then post that you've read the caveats at the end of each video. I hope this does not sound too harsh. Thanks, God bless you.
In JMJ, another viewer trying to live the Faith, and to be committed to the fullness of the Truth, who is Christ Jesus, in His Holy Roman Catholic Church.

Diane said...

I disagree, Kevin. They are stating what they believe to be occurring. They are not news outlets; they don't have to stick "alleged" in front of everything. I'm sure they submit all of the alleged messages to the Church's judgment -- that's why a church investigation is apparently underway. It sounds as if they are doing things properly, consulting priests and submitting to an investigation.

Malta is a very pious country, the most Catholic country in Europe, and it makes perfect sense to me that Our Lady would appear there. Moreover, the messages themselves sound entirely sound and consonant with Church Teaching.

Of course we must exercise discernment. But we are not the local Ordinary or the Magisterium. Let's leave it up to the Church to determine the authenticity of these apparitions, without doing some auto-suggestive "preempting" of our own. ;-)

God bless!


Anonymous said...

None of the videos have appeared, the blogs have no entries and none of the links are to active pages.
Is this a technical glitch or has all information regarding these events been removed?

Padre Steve said...

Thanks for informing me Marco. I don't have any other info on this but if I find out more I will post on it. God bless you!