Monday, November 24, 2014

Martyrs of Vietnam

Today we remember the Martyrs of Vietnam. The following comes from the Patron Saints Index:

Between the arrival of the first Portuguese missionary in 1533, through the Dominicans and then the Jesuit missions of the 17th century, the politically inspired persecutions of the 19th century, and the Communist-led terrors of the twentieth, there have been many thousands of Catholics and other Christians murdered for their faith in Vietnam. Some were priests, some nuns or brothers, some lay people; some were foreign missionaries, but most were native Vietnamese killed by their own government and countrymen.

Record keeping being what it was, and because the government did not care to keep track of the people it murdered, we have no information on the vast bulk of the victims. In 1988, Pope John Paul II recognized over a hundred of them, including some whose Causes we do have, and in commemoration of those we do not. They are collectively known as the Martyrs of Vietnam (or Tonkin or Annam or the other older names of that country).


Flexo said...

May the Holy Martyrs and Our Lady of La Vang watch over and be with the people of Vietnam now and always.

(By the way, the picture is from the mural behind the altar at Holy Martyrs of Vietnam in Arlington, Virginia.)

Padre Steve said...

Thanks Flexo. I is a beautiful mural!