Sunday, January 18, 2015

Interview with Tom Peterson – On Catholics Come Home

The following comes from Brandon Vogt's site:
Tom Peterson was a successful, award-winning advertising executive for almost three decades. But in 1997, he experienced a profound conversion at a parish retreat that set him in a new direction. He applied his advertising skills to spreading the Gospel and the result was two new media apostolates.
The first is called, which helps promote the sanctity of life through commercials, websites, and more.
The other is the one Tom is probably best known for,Catholics Come Home. Featuring high-quality television commercials and a beautiful, dynamic website, Catholics Come Home models the New Evangelization. Dioceses and parishes across the world have used their materials to draw thousands of people back to the Church.
Here's one of their more popular commercials:

Here is Brandon's interview with Tom below:

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