Friday, December 18, 2009


Today is the 150th anniversary of the founding of the Salesians! All of 2009 has been a year of special grace for us as we remember the 150 years of our congregation! Today Salesians all around the world renew their profession to live obedient, poor and chaste for the sake of the Kingdom of God and for the salvation of souls! The following are the words of our Rector Major, Fr. Pascual Chavez:

On the evening of 18 December 1859 at the Oratory of Saint Francis in Don Bosco’s room a group were gathered together, their intention “to promote and maintain the true charity that is needed in the work of the festive Oratories for youth abandoned and in danger”; as Fr Alasonatti writes in the minutes of this meeting. In the same minutes we then read: “The above mentioned participants decided therefore to band themselves into a Society or Congregation while, while aiming at the sanctification of each member by mutual assistance would strive to promote God’s glory and the salvation of souls, especially those in greater need of instruction and formation.”

1859 therefore is the year of the birth of our Congregation. So I want to propose to all the Confreres that we live 2009 as a year of grace, remembering where we come from, who we are, are where we are heading. With this celebration of our charismatic identity the pilgrimage of the casket of Don Bosco begins in all the Regions of our Congregation and in this way preparation starts for the bicentenary of his birth in 2015.

This event will be for all of us a spiritual and pastoral journey, that will begin with the Solemnity of Don Bosco on 31 January 2009, that will have as key moments the 24 June, his name-day, and the 16 August, his birthday, and will culminate on 18 December 2009 with the renewal of profession by all of us Salesians. We shall give special thanks to Mary on 25 May, the Solemnity of the Help of Christians. In this way we are given the opportunity to “start afresh from Don Bosco”, Founder of our Congregation, of the Salesian Family and of the vast Salesian Movement.

Please pray for us Salesians that we might remain close to the heart of the Don Bosco and close to the young people whom God has called us to serve!


Father Anthony Ho said...

It's so good to know about the different celebrations. Thanks for posting them.

By the way, I am giving a series of talks on St. John Bosco to children when I am doing classroom visitations. I did recorded my talks. Please drop by my blog and listen to them when you have time. I will certainly tell the children about the 150th Anniversary celebration. God bless.

Jackie Parkes said...

I will certainly pray..

Padre Steve said...

Thanks Fr. Anthony and Jackie! I feel truly blessed to be a Salesian and pray we can stay close to the charism of our founder! God bless! Fr. Steve

Moniales said...

Happy Anniversary! You're almost grown up! :-)
May you continue to increase and grow in holiness and give many more saints to the Church!

Your 800 year old Dominican Nuns!

Padre Steve said...

Thanks for the prayers! We sure do need "big sisters" like you to give us good example! Thank you so much for the prayers! God bless you guys!

Maggie45 said...

Happy Anniversary! I will put you all on my daily prayer list.

Father Steve, I have to say I love your enthusiasm and joy in our faith. It is VERY encouraging to me, and I'm sure to others. Thank you.