Friday, November 20, 2009

St. Francis de Sales on Discerning a Vocation

"To know whether God will have a person become a religious it is not to be expected that God Himself should speak, or send an angel from heaven to signify His will. It is not necessary that ten or twelve confessors should examine whether the vocation is to be followed. But it is necessary to correspond with the first movement of the inspiration, and to cultivate it, and then not to grow weary if disgust or coldness should come on. If a person acts thus, God will not fail to make all succeed to His glory. Nor ought we to care much from what quarter the first movement comes. The Lord has many ways of calling His servants."
- St. Francis De Sales

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Daniel said...

Thanks Father Steve for posting this, I think God just slapped me in the face with these words and said "Duh!"

Padre Steve said...

St. Francis de Sales is a master of common sense! It is a pity it is not so common! God bless!