Thursday, January 27, 2011

Subscribe Now!

I am stealing this idea from the Anchoress, but I think it is a very good one:
Let's be friends!
It never occurs to me to push the RSS feeds, but after reading this, I realize I probably should!
Then you can get me in your email box, all day long…gosh, that sounds like a threat more than a promise!
Anyhow, you can subscribe to this site by putting your email address into the little box that says “Subscribe!” in the right hand sidebar.  You can also become a Google Friend and join in that number at Google connect to the right!
Let's be friends y'all!


Sister Brittany said...

I'll have you know, Padre, that I've had you on RSS feed for a VERY LONG TIME! ;)

Padre Steve said...

Sister, you were my inspiration for this blog! You had a great site yourself. I hope the snow hasn't been tooooo bad in Newton!? Keep smiling and God bless!

Adoro said...

I dunno, maybe I'm cynical but that reads like a politician stumping for votes.

A couple years ago I removed any "nominee" stuff from my blog, awards, and actually asked to be taken off awards lists.

It all was too much. I want to know my readers, yes..but know them, not by their subscription stats, but by who they are, why they read..and what they struggle with.

You can't get that from subscribing. Fine If there are followers...not cool if your purpose is to reach out but the effort is one-sided.

If there isn't any reach-back, might as well pack it up and put it away because without that, it's just about "me".

Probably expressed myself badly here, it's just something about the internet and blogging that annoys me: all the stumping during awards season. Holiness is in detachment, and it's hard enough without pressure to stay "attached".

God is never going to ask us about awards, but about those who bring to Him, and testimony about those who brought us to Him.

Not certain, but am guessing He's not going to ask about RSS feeds or google "friend" statistics.

I hope not, anyway...I sucked at stats, barely passed and hate numbers with a passion. If Salvation is a math test, send me to eternal fires now.

Padre Steve said...

Actually, I agree with you. I do try not to get too caught up in that stuff. I don't pay attention to awards at all. I do the blog because I enjoy it, and I hope others do as well. I hope it gets some good news to people who mostly hear bad news. Keep up the great work you do at your blog and God bless!