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Crippled Young Man Cured in Medjugorje

andrea de luca medjugorje
The following comes from Medjugorje Today:

For three years, Andrea de Luca was suffering from perthes, confined to a wheelchair as his femoral head and hip were flaking. During Mass in Medjugorje, he felt a strong heat, and upon his return he heard a voice tell him to walk. Medical experts confirm a healing they cannot explain.

The doctors who were treating him, Dr. Anastasio Tricarico, a professor oforthopedics and traumatology at the University of Naples, and Dr. Pasquale Guida, an expert of orthopedics from Naples, testify to Andrea de Luca’s inexplicable healing. In Italian author/journalist Paolo Brosio’s new book, “Ray of Light”, they further present before and after x-rays showing the restoration of bones that had been broken and missing. 
Unbearable pain and a paralyzed life in a wheelchair are among the consequences of perthes, a rare disease that leads the femoral head and hip to flake. 21 years old Andrea de Luca from Castellammare di Stabia, Italy, lived this condition for three years until he was cured in Medjugorje.
Andrea de Luca's healing began with a garden statue of the Virgin Mary lighting up
Andrea’s healing began with a garden statue of the Virgin Mary lighting up
One daya young man greeted me‘Hello professor” while he was riding a bicycle. I could not believe it was Andreawhose disease I had followed for three years” Dr. Pasquale Guida told the Italian tv station RAI.
In September 2009 Andrea de Luca and his parents went to Medjugorje. It was the last hope they had for a cure. The first sign came one evening as he had gone into the garden of the place they were living.
“I could not sleepI went out into the yardmade the Sign of the Cross, and began to prayThen the head of Our Lady’s statue before me lit up. Although it was a beautiful light, one you cannot describe, I got scaredand went back inside. I invited my parents to come and seeWhen they arrived, two beams came out of the statue, one from the heart, the other from the leg” Andrea de Luca tells the Croatian daily 24 sata.
“Then one day, a nun told meTalk to JesusTalkTell Him to take away your disease.” The following day I went to Mass and prayed for the first time myselfI felt a heat in my entire back” says De Luca, 16 years old by the time.
Because of fear, he would not put his crutches away. That he only did when he returned to Italy.

He was silent in public for almost five years before he started telling what had happened to him.
“When we returned home, I waited with my crutches in order to get out of the bus. Then three times I heard a voice in my heart saying, You aremy apostleWalk and wear my light’From that moment ceased the very big pain that I had felt for three years” says Andrea de Luca.
I did not want to talk about it thenI was a childNow I am an adultand the doctors have confirmed that a miracle happened in my case” he says.

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