Saturday, February 25, 2012

An 11 year old child teaches us

The Following comes from In God's Company 2:
An 11-year old teaches us! Little Chiara is riddled with cancer. Last January, she came from the United States with her father, her grandmother, her godmother and some friends. Her family wanted to implore the Blessed Mother to help their little girl. 

Her mother stayed home with her 2 younger children. During the deep enconter we had with her, we would never have guessed that the doctors had not given her long to live. She was leading the conversation with surprising joy and serenity, cracking jokes and reassuring everyone by her positive spirit. Then, with the simplicity of a pure heart, she explained to me, "You know, Jesus will decide for me, I know that He will make the best decision. I am confident! Either I will be healed and I am happy, or I will not be healed and I am happy too! In both cases, I win because I know that it is He who decides".

She said to her family, "If I die, I will go to heaven and I will wait for you there!"

Chiara was able to meet Vicka who kissed her tenderly and prayed for her for 20 minutes. Chiara said to her, "You know, Vicka, I am not afraid to die! If I live, I win. If I die, I win! In both cases I'll be with Jesus!" Vicka answered her in her ear, "You are right, you have no reason to be afraid!" Her father was deeply moved and he confided to us, "I realize that Chiara actually did not need to come to Medjugorje, she already had peace in her heart. But it is us (her family) who needed to come ! Here we have found peace."

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