Sunday, February 26, 2012

Lenten Reflections from Catholicism


1. The life of a disciple demonstrates and necessitates a decision for Christ, but deeper and more important than our own decision for Christ is his decision for us. What is the result of Christ’s decision for us?

2. The Lord Jesus compels a choice. This decision for Christ also contains within it a negation of something else. What does your decision for Christ affirm? What does your decision for Christ negate?

3. The decision for Christ will change one’s life. What change did Christ provoke in your own life? What have been some of the most difficult and rewarding aspects of your decision for Christ?

4. What is so strange or unusual about the Lord Jesus and why do you think that he provoked both amazement and fear?

5. Christ’s identity and mission are one. The same can be said for all the baptized. What are the practical implications of the unity and identity and mission in the lives of faithful followers of Christ? 

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