Saturday, February 2, 2013

Fr. Apostoli: Are Saints Happy or Gloomy?


John Webb said...

Even Jesus wept -- for example, at the gates of Jerusalem, as he realized that most of the people in that great city would not accept the gift of insight, and would pursue evil against one another. The saints who truly follow Jesus' path weep for the same reason, though they also can access peace. Great joy, great sorrow. Unless you decide for ignorance, for a deliberate blindness to reality, that is our daily fate.

John Webb said...

The subject inspired a poem ...
Hannah’s Song

Hannah runs after her laughing dog, golden hair and smiles,

exchanging glances with air-carved clouds and

the shadow of a passenger jet.

“I want to fly!” She claps her hands...

not seeing the eyes that cannot look into her own,

eyes in which no memory remains.

Only children are one with all that lives,

only children and the mad

standing upon the blessed mountain.

At the edges of the park, the grown people

stare ahead blankly, or at their feet,

the strained athletic morning march ...

we have lost our language in this foreign land.


Hannah sings: “make it true,

the beautiful day the clouds have promised me!

Teach my soul to fly, teach it to gaze

into those eyes that no one else can see.”

And the air-carved clouds answer:

“Years from now the children

will surge toward you, dazzling

joy entering in, a gift

from the kindest god, touched by your suffering.”

And the grass murmurs: “All who are holy must weep

at the city’s gates, Jesus at Jerusalem,

Isaac at the gates of Geneva,
before the throne ...

weep for all who cannot be saved ...

touched by their blind inevitable suffering.”

And the soft sun: “Your song will not be stolen from you.

It will return your love, gaze into your eyes,

there among the lilies and the children.”
-- Jack Webb