Sunday, April 21, 2013

Saint of the day: Anselm

Today the Church remember St. Anselm. The following comes from the Patron Saints Index:

St. Anselm was born to the Italian nobility. After a childhood devoted to piety and study, Anselm wanted to enter religious life, but his father prevented it, and Anselm became rather worldly for several years. Upon his mother's death, Anselm argued with his father, fled to France, and became a Benedictine monk at Bec, Normandy. Studied under and succeeded Lanfranc as abbot. Archbishop of Canterbury. Theological writer. Counsellor to Pope Gregory VII, Pope Urban II, and William the Conqueror. Opposed slavery and obtained English legislation prohibiting the sale of men. Fought King William Rufus's encroachment on ecclesiastical rights and the independence of the Church, and was exiled. Resolved theological doubts of the Italo-Greek bishops at Council of Bari in 1098. Strongly supported celibate clergy. King Henry I invited him to return to England, but they disputed over investitures, and Anselm was exiled again to return in 1106. One of the great philosophers and theologians of the middle ages. Doctor of the Church in 1720 by Pope Clement XI.

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