Friday, March 20, 2009

My retreat with the Hermits of Bethlehem

I mentioned to you on the blog that I would be making a retreat with the Hermits of Bethlehem in Chester, NJ last week and I did have a wonderful retreat! Here are some photos of the place:

Most Holy Trinity: My hermitage for the week!

The oratory inside of my hermitage

The view out of my hermitage

These icons really do draw you in.

The beautiful icon of Our Lady of Bethlehem

I really do love bells!

A beautiful image of Our Lady outside the central house


Gregory Thaumaturgas said...

That looks and sounds so peaceful. I almost wish I were back in the first few centuries A.D. back either secretly celebrating Mass as a Priest, or being a monk at the Monte Cassino abbey with St. Benedict during its early days. You can just feel the peace of it all instead of the busy cellphones, computers, games, rampant immorality (though that was back in the early Church days too, nowadays some Christians AND Catholics are immoral too). I hope you sort of understand what I'm trying to say. Thanks again for these nice pictures.

Adoro said...

Wow, that is really beautiful! Must have been a really wonderful retreat!

"little" said...

After watching the EWTN program recently about them, my "hermit soul" sooooo wants to go there for retreat! Beautiful blog!

Unknown said...

I spent two weeks with the hermits on a discernment retreat and have to say that i didn't want to leave to go back to So. Cal...ouch what a contrast. Fr. Romano is beautiful, the vocation is for those who want to be "hidden in Christ with God", no getting around that there, no place to move up the ladder, only to go down into the heart of Christ in the Blessed Sacrament in the hermitage and forest. A place to breathe in the word of God and fight inner battles with Him.