Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Dominican Sisters in Nashville

You may have already heard of the Nashville Dominican Sisters, but here is a video that I thought was pretty interesting. The Church has so many good signs of hope and there are signs all around that religious life is on the upswing! We need to keep praying and working for holy vocations. God is much more generous than we are so He will send the vocations that we need if we continue to put our trust in Him! Keep smiling and God bless!


Kayla said...

God bless you, Father, and thank-you for the work you do for Jesus Christ and his Church! I think I just might add your blog to my read-list! I don't know a lot about Salesian spirituality, but I chose Dominic Savio as my patron saint for confirmation, so I suppose I should learn a bit, eh?

Amy Proctor said...

I echo kayla's sentiments. I also will add you to my blogroll. Your service to the Church is much appreciated!

Adoro te Devote said...

I love the Nashville Dominicans. We have a few who teach locally and I've had to call them about a couple things. They are incredible and deserve all the wonderful Vocations they're getting! (I'm unfortunately too old for them...or I'm not called) But I still love them!