Friday, June 27, 2008

More Pictures from Quito, Ecuador!

I took this picture walking down the street on a Sunday afternoon in Quito. These street children were pretty good musicians and attracted a crowd!

This picture was taken inside the monastic chapel of Saint Mary Ann de Paredes. She is often called the Lily of Quito. A community of 24 cloistered sisters still carry on the tradition of St. Mary Ann (or St. Mariana).

The following pictures were taken at our Salesian Retreat House in Cumbaya, Ecuador. The retreat house is for silent retreats only and was built in a really beautiful monastic/mission style! Cumbaya is just a 30 minute drive from Quito and was really beautiful. It sits between a couple of other volcanoes as well!

The pictures below were taken in Cumbaya as well and were from one of our Salesian grammar schools. One of the parents painted these fantastic paintings on the walls of the courtyard where the kids play! The paintings depict a young John Bosco during his famous dream at the age of 9. The Blessed Mother shows him the work that God is calling him to: to transform the animals into sheep with loving kindness! Also, you can see the image of Don Bosco with St. Dominic Savio and Blessed Laura Vicuna.

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MissMeg said...

Just Beautiful. I always feel so comforted and calm when I read about St. Don Bosco. I love working with young people, as well, perhaps that's it.