Friday, June 20, 2008

Ecuador, Volcanoes, and Gas Prices!

I was able to get this picture of the Chimborazo Volcanoe yesterday. It is not an active volcanoe but here is an interesting fact: The summit of Chimoborazo constitutes the furtest point from the center of the Earth because of the high elevation (20,700 feet), the location of the mountain at the equator and the oblateness of the Earth. It really is a beautiful sight to see!

Yes, that is the actual price of a gallon of gas here in Quito, Ecuador today! And yes that price is in dollars!

Here is yet another volcano here near quito. It is actually about 4 hours suth of Quito. Tungurahua is an active volcano also known as the "The Black Giant." It has a 600 ft. wide crater and is still rather active. The last major eruption was back in 1944, but it still grants frequent tremors to nearby towns on a regular basis!


Esther said...

Padre S., I can't believe the price of gas in Ecuador! BTW, I forgot that S.A. is entering winter right? Is it very cold there?

Padre Steve said...

It is winter in the lower part of S. A. But, here in Ecuador they are calling it summer. Being at the equator I am sure the temps don't change much!