Monday, June 9, 2008

Pictures from Quito!

Here are just a few photo's from Quito. I am here for another 3 weeks or so for a class on Salesianity. I will periodically add more shots! I included a procession that I saw yesterday for the Feast of Our Lord, Our Good Hope! The weather here is very mild 62 degrees! God bless!


Esther said...

Hi Padre. I didn't realize you were still in Ecuador. How do you like the food? BTW, wonderful photos!!

Padre Steve said...

Actually it is my second time down here this year! I was here for about 9 day in April then came back down again last week. The food has been ok so far... knock on wood! I will try to add more photos later! Thanks for the comments!

mfranks said...

Are those two priestesses I see in the procession?