Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Director' Meeting in Quito, Ecuador

I am currently in Quito, Ecuador and am here until the 30th of April for a meeting of other Directors from our region. There are Salesians here from Peru, Ecuador, Columbia, Venezuela, Costa Rica and the United States! It should be a good experience of the larger Salesian Family! It is easy to forget that we Salesians are in over 130 countries around the world! We are part of a rich tradition with over 16,000 men. We have 5 active Cardinal (including Cardinal Bertone, the Secretary of State for Pope Benedict and second in command of the entire Catholic Church!). We also have 116 Bishops throughout the world, more than any other religious community! It is a rich tradition founded on a beautiful charism offered to us by St. John Bosco! Weeks like this one help me to appreciate the wonderful gift that God has given me in calling me to Salesian life! Pray for me this week (another full Spanish immersion!) and be assured of my prayers!

p.s. I would like to put up some of my photo's from the visit of the Holy Father and photo's from Quito, but so far I am having trouble doing so with the connection here... Patience!


EC Gefroh said...

Hi Padre Steve:
Hope you are enjoying your trip. My mom is a devout Catholic because of the Salesian schooling she received in Peru.

Padre Steve said...

That's very interesting because I walked around all day today with another Salesian from the USA and 2 Salesians from Peru! It is a small world! Keep smiling! God bless! Padre