Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Pope at St. Patrick's!

I was blessed to be able to share in the Mass at St. Patrick's Cathedral with His Holiness! I was not blessed with great seats (but, I had a great view of a pillar!), but it was so amazing to be present. The one moment that really was special for me was as the Holy Father processed into the Mass. He came within a few feet of me and looked right at me! A wonderful feeling! Also, it was great to see our Salesian Cardinal Bertone! I called out "Salesiani!" and he came right over to shake my hand and say "Viva Don Bosco!" The experience was a blessing and I look forward to seeing him again tomorrow at Yankee Stadium! I included below a bit from his homily below and his final remarks at the end of Mass. Enjoy!

So let us lift our gaze upward! And with great humility and confidence, let us ask the Spirit to enable us each day to grow in the holiness that will make us living stones in the temple which he is even now raising up in the midst of our world. If we are to be true forces of unity, let us be the first to seek inner reconciliation through penance. Let us forgive the wrongs we have suffered and put aside all anger and contention. Let us be the first to demonstrate the humility and purity of heart which are required to approach the splendor of God’s truth. In fidelity to the deposit of faith entrusted to the Apostles (cf. 1 Tim 6:20), let us be joyful witnesses of the transforming power of the Gospel!

In this moment I can only thank … grace (?) ... for your love of the church, for Our Lord and that you give also your love to the poor Successor of St. Peter. I will do all the possible to be a real successor of the great St. Peter who also was a man with his faults and sins, but he remains finally the rock for the Church … and so also I, with all my poorness … spiritual … can be with the grace of the Lord in this time the Successor of Peter … and your prayers and love will give me the certainty that the Lord will help me in this, my ministry. So I am so deeply thankful for your love, for your prayer, and my answer in this moment to all what you have given to me in this moment and this visit is my blessing at the end of the Holy Mass.


Sister Brittany said...
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Sister Brittany said...

That is fantastic about Bertone, Father Steve! We really have a great family that we belong to... so universal! Viva Don Bosco!