Friday, April 4, 2008

The Human Experience

The film company that did Fishers of Men and God in the Streets of New York are making a new film! I can't wait to see The Human Experience! Sometimes we need to be moved and this trailer for the film is very, very moving! I pray that the film reaches millions and that it moves all of us to be more compassionate and Christlike to others... especially those most in need! Watch the trailer and tell me what you think!
From Grassroots Films of Brooklyn, New York comes THE HUMAN EXPERIENCE – the story of a band of brothers who travel the world in search of the answers to the burning questions: Who am I? Who is Man? Why do we search for meaning? Their journey brings them into the middle of the lives of the homeless on the streets of New York City, the orphans and disabled children of Peru, and the abandoned lepers in the forests of Ghana, Africa. What the young men discover changes them forever. Through one on one interviews and real life encounters, the brothers are awakened to the beauty of the human person and the resilience of the human spirit.

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