Saturday, August 9, 2008

China's Little Flagbearer Lin Hao

If you didn't see the opening of the Olympics then you missed a spectacle! But, the most impressive moment was when Yao Ming and Lin Hao, China's flagbearers, entered the stadium. Lin Hao has become a national hero since the earthquake that struck on May 12 of this year. 20 out of 30 of Lin's classmates were killed and he himself was dug from the rubble. Lin Hao encouraged his classmates to sing in order to lessen their fears. After being freed he joined rescuers in the search for his classmates. He felt responsible because he was the hall monitor and leader of his class! He did all of this despite his own broken arm and head injuries. God bless him!

BEIJING -- Led by NBA star Yao Ming and Lin Hao, a primary school student from the quake-affected Sichuan province, the Chinese delegation paraded into the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games on Friday night.

The 9-year-old Lin walked ahead of the 1,099-member delegation, side by side with the 7-foot-6 basketballer, who carried the Chinese national flag.

Team China, which includes 639 athletes and has an average age of 24.4, will compete in all 28 sports.

Lin is a second-grader at the Yuzixi Primary School in Yingxiu Town, Wenchuan County. Wenchuan was the epicenter of a devastating 8.0-magnitude earthquake on May 12 that killed over 69,000 people.

According to media reports, when the May 12 tremor struck, Lin Hao risked his life and suffered multiple injuries for rescuing his schoolmates from the collapsed buildings. He was later awarded the title of "Teenage Hero in Earthquake Rescue and Relief."

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