Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Hogar de la Madre (Home of the Mother)

H20 News is always a wonderful source for good news about the Church and new vocations!

Hogar de la Madre (Home of the Mother) is one of the new emerging entities within the Church, with the specific mission of defending the Eucharist, living a special devotion to Mary and working to bring young people closer to Jesus Christ, using the media as the means for evangelization. Its founder is the Spanish priest Rafael Alonso Reymundo.

The women's branch of the youth movement Hogar de la Madre was born in 1982 at the tomb of St. Peter in Rome, as a sign of loyalty to the Pope. The following year, at the same location, the male branch was founded. In this way, the movement was formed: the Servant Sisters and the Servant Priests and Brothers of the Home of the Mother. In 1995 the Community of Adults of the Home of the Mother was established, composed of lay people involved in the same spirituality.

In 2001, responding to the call of Pope John Paul II that Christians participate in the media to participate more effectively in the New Evangelization, Hogar de la Madre launched a television channel, beginning its television production under the slogan: "Yesterday, Today and Forever: the Truth." In 2003, HM Radio began, which is currently available through the Internet.

At the same time, the Servants of the Home of the Mother began establishing communities outside Spain, the first in Rome in October 2002, followed quickly by the first missionary community in Chone, Ecuador. A year later they came to the United States, founding houses in Jacksonville and at Ave Maria University in Naples, Florida. In the following years other communities were also formed.

Only 26 years after its founding, Hogar de la Madre is a new Apostolic reality that stands out for its ability to integrate a great fidelity to the Church with the use of modern means of communication. Among its apostolic works, the "Servants of the Home of the Mother" is committed to collaboration with the agency H2onews, and since the beginning of this service have worked with the daily edition and the video editing and assembly in the nine language editions.

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I love them!!!!! Check out their new video on their website, or on youtube, on the priesthood. It was done in collaboration with the Congregation for the Clergy!!