Sunday, August 17, 2008

Defeat It!


MissMeg said...

Padre Steve--

Could you please advise me on HOW you get a YouTube video to post to your blogger blog? I have had NO luck for well over a month and I have been to the "help" page on my YouTube account, and it appears that MANY others are having the same difficulty as I.
You always have YouTube vidoes posted, and I was wondering if you would give me the EXACT steps you take to accomplish this. Your help would be greatly appreciated!

MissMeg said...

THANK YOU!!!!! THANKS FOR being willing to help me!!! I really appreciate it...and I'm amazed that I finally figured it out!!!

Again, THANKS!!!!!

Earl said...

Once again I am baffled on how you can stay up on current events. I really like this post. I can see Sen Obama wanting to say defeat evil and end he conversation but he realizes that he has painted himself into a corner. On the other hand, Sen McCain answers directly. Well I can say for myself that a man that answers honestly and directly is a person that I would follow.