Saturday, April 10, 2010

A new image for the biased media!

Fr. Z has a new image that sums up the media and their recent approach to the Holy Father and the Church. This is from WDTPRS:

Whereas, there are cases in the past when highly placed officials of the Catholic Church have for whatever reason covered over clerical sexual abuse of children or they have ignored it.

Whereas, had the MSM not reported on those cases the Church would have been slower to make aggressive systemic corrections.

Whereas, some of the MSM coverage his not been in the least interested in protecting victims or preventing crimes, but has rather tried for their own reasons to smear the Catholic Church and harm the reputation of the Holy Father,

WDTPRS, with the help of the the great Vincenzo, the WDTPRS official photoshopper, we have a logo bloggers can use for their own examination of media stories which attempt to attach blame for abuse cases or cover-ups to the Holy Father.

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