Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Limit Break BMX

Limit Break is a web series about people who do extraordinary things, and how their faith inspires them. In this episode we meet Mike Stanek, a professional BMX rider and medical student. Mike’s tricks are amazing, but even more so when you realize that he is also a full-time medical student. Yet Mike remains humble. Why? It’s because he realizes that it is his faith that has allowed him to accomplish so much. Mike says that he can’t explain everything that happens when he is pulling off a trick. In the same way, he knows his knowledge of science can’t explain all of the world’s mysteries. He turns to his faith to answer these questions. It is through God that he finds the strength to fulfill on the high expectations he has for himself. It’s what motivates him to get back up after a nasty fall, and it’s whom he thanks when he lands a move. Check out his amazing stunts and listen to him discuss how his faith has helped him achieve great things.

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