Monday, October 20, 2008

America's Choice 2008: Vote Life!

Millions of young lives depend on our election-day decisions. Over 35 years of hard won pro-life battles could be reversed if voters remain uninformed — especially Christian voters who alone could reclaim the rights of the unborn on November 4th.


Nesha said...

It goes back to the fact that if one can not respect life from conception how can you respect the life of the poor, widows, or the elderly.

Czech said...

Wow! If we could only get every Catholic and other religious groups, who are going to vote for Obama, to see this video, before they enter the voting booths.

Diane M. Korzeniewski said...

Thanks, Father! We have to get this around the blogosphere.

Katrinka Yobotz said...

Alan Keyes is a candidate for President. He is 100% PRO-LIFE and has been for 30 years. Unlike McCain: he has marched for life, he has defended Terri Schiavo, he is against even one penny going to Planned Parenthood, and he is against any human embryos being used for research.
Why would a Catholic vote for that "lesser" evil, when we can IN GOOD CONSCIENCE vote for Alan Keyes?

Keyes vs. Obama Debate October 12, 2004

Keyes vs. Obama Debate October 21, 2004

Keyes vs. Obama Debate October 26, 2004

John McCain, 75% Pro-Life Record:

Alan Keyes, 100% Pro-Life Record

hughzent said...
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hughzent said...
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Patricia said...

That was a great video and the ending with a scene from the Passion was very emotional. Maybe after Obama has messed everything up Alan Keyes can run for president and Sarah Palin can be vice president. Maybe the country will be ready for them then.

Rose said...

Re: Alan Keyes for President

How can one "in good conscience" throw their vote away on a virtually unknown candidate? Please, for God's sake (literally) and for the children's sake, DON'T LET BARACK OBAMA WIN....


From a 100% pro-life, devout Catholic

Rose said...

Re: Alan Keyes for President

How can one "in good conscience" throw their vote away on a virtually unknown candidate? Please, for God's sake (literally) and for the children's sake, DON'T LET BARACK OBAMA WIN....


From a 100% pro-life, devout Catholic

P.S. This was an awesome video!

The Sanctuary At Sudden Valley Ranch said...

Re : "Re : Alan Keys for President"

How true. The contest is between McCain & Obama and casting your vote for anyone else is wasting it.
The only way to defeat Obama is to vote for McCain. And we definately need to defeat Obama !
McCain is a good man and a much better choice for sure.

Biillllaah! said...

Thanks to 'Early Voting' I was able to vote for MCCAIN yesterday!

Alan Keyes is a good man, but we all have to vote for the candidate that can beat Obama.

That was a powerful video, Fr. Steve! Thanks.

Grandma Linda said...

Forget taxes, forget who has the best financial plan, forget health care, etc...isn't the most important issue facing us abortion? 4000 babies a day are aborted. We need to respect life from conception to the grave. How can you be Christian,Catholic or Jewish and believe abortion is the right thing? I believe if this country gets back on the right moral track, the economy and many other issues facing us will too!

Anonymous said...

I certainly wish American Catholics would unite around Alan Keyes, but as some have said, not voting for McCain is handing the election to Obama. I pray that one day our Bishops will unite and take a stand without fear and clearly ask Catholics to vote for a Candidate who fully defends life!

Thanks, Fr. Steve - you make me even more proud of my Salesian Brothers. I often think God has surrounded me with saints-in-the-making in order to encourage me to holiness. Thanks for being one of these people who call forth the best in others.

Annie said...

I don't believe in choosing my vote based on this one single issue. I think there is social disease in America with our values. I think the only way to really respect life is by changing people with your hearts. I think you should look at the root causes of why people are getting abortions and what about our society makes it this way. I don't think McCain is the best person for these things. I think that he takes this stance to capture all of the votes of people who don't look at or care about a single other issue. I think things would be different if we respected the working class, changed our own lives, and fought against the inequality this country and government is based upon.

Padre Steve said...

Annie, I think abortion is much more than a symptom of our society's ills. Abortion is a grave moral evil that is one of those deep roots that is draining our nation of its character.

A Mom for McCain said...

Thank you for posting this.

The election is just over a week away--If you would like to join in, some of us are starting a week of fasting and prayer, beginning Monday, Oct. 27 through Nov.3, the night before the election. At 6:00pm. that evening (eastern) people across the nation will be begging God's mercy and protection on our great nation.

Fasting can simply be giving up sweets, or a more substantial fast. Any sacrifice is welcome. This can also be coordinated with prayer for the final days of the 40 days for life.

God bless America.
Please help us, Lord.

A Mom for McCain said...

Ps. I second the suggestion of getting Alan Keyes on the ballot. That man is outstanding.
God bless--

The Sanctuary At Sudden Valley Ranch said...

Grandma Linda is absolutely correct.The bible tells us that God said that if we would turn from our wicked ways, then He will bless our land... What is more wicked than taking the lives of innocent babies? The condoning of abortion is a way of approving the sex practices of today... it's like getting married with the attitude, "well, if it doesn't work out we can always get a divorce" The same hold true with abortions..."if I get pregnant I can always get an abortion" What about the life that's been created?
There are other ways to avoid getting pregnant.

wondering said...

So, you are willing to vote for a man who has no compunction about sending our young people to die in Iraq. How do you reconcile that with your feelings about the sancity of life?

Padre Steve said...

Sen. McCain and Sen. Obama both promise to continue the war in Iraq and to send more troops to Afganistan. There is little difference between their approach. Obama might leave Iraq sooner than McCain, but ultimately whoever is President will have to continue to finish the war. I pray it ends soon and I am sure that both men will work for that. The war will end, but will abortion?

Fr.Dennis said...

Hi Fr. Steve

Interesting video. I think it's interesting that the video from the passion that was chosen at the end is from the "let the person who is without sin cast the first stone" part of that movie. I'm not sure if that was a hoped-for connection or not. But, in any case, the only thing that scares me about McCain is his statement about not electing "activist judges" which he made in the last debate. I could easily see him not being very popular because of the financial crisis of this country and not being willing to elect a pro life justice to the supreme court because he doesn't have the popularity to get the person through the senate. But, I guess if we don't elect him, he won't even get the chance to disappoint us.

Unfortunately, I have heard this same statement in the last several elections and there are still 4000 babies that die each day. Why won't our pro-life politicians do anything about abortion? Why do they run on abortion and then immediately switch to talking about lowering taxes, dealing with war, and fixing social security when they're elected? How can we get them to stop just talking about abortion and start actually saving some lives?

wondering said...

I guess I'm just confused about how you can boil down an entire election to one issue. No matter how you feel about abortion (and, by the way I don't necessarily support it) shouldn't we be looking at the entire picture and not just one issue. I have looked at every issue and although I don't agree with Obama on all issues, I do feel that our world will be better with Obama as the president.

Padre Steve said...

I wouldn't boil the entire election down to one issue. The life issue is the most important one to me, but I certainly put it into the bigger picture as well.

Dawn Espedal said...

I just wrote to my daughter who was saying she was going to vote for Obama. I told her to remember when Judgement day comes she will need to answer to God for who she voted for.
Let's leave it at that.

Padre Steve said...

Let's continue to pray and hope! I pray that video's like America's Choice might change some minds and hearts, but we have to vote and leave it to God. God bless you! Fr. Steve

wondering said...

I would never tell anyone how to vote and I certainly don't think that God would deny anyone entry into heaven for how they voted in this election. It is talk like this that causes the divisiveness in this country. People can agree to disagree without being condemned.

miguestrifly said...

Dear wondering,
It sounds as if you are simply not very educated on the issues at hand. The young people in our military are not being sent to Iraq to die. They are willingly signing up to defend our nation. Do you not recall 9/11? Would you rather we sit back and let it happen again? Death just happens to be a price some pay for freedom and security. But I am thankful for those willing to pay that price. I support them. As far as feelings for the sanctity of say you don't "necessarily" support abortion. Either you do or you don't. It is one thing to choose to fight for your country and know that you may ultimately face death. It is another to be killed by your own mother because she made a "mistake". Having sex is not a mistake. It is a choice.
An election vote does have many things to be taken into consideration. Many. But shouldn't your moral values trump your social and political opinions every time? After this election, there will be no blood on my hands. I will continue to pray that those voting for a pro-choice candidate will feel a strong conviction about the lives they are so blindly allowing to be taken every day.

Grammy said...

Until I understood that whoever is elected President will appoint 2-3 Supreme Court Judges I was leaning toward Obama. His comments about abortion sickened me, especially that he would not want his daughters "punished with a child." Do we want that kind of mentality in the White House? on the Federal Benches? But, if Obama is elected, we should not abandon hope--we must work--write letters, march in protest, pray and fast, and whatever it is that will reach the lawmakers AND the women who are considering abortion, give more assistance to those who choose life. Many young people are confused by what they see as contradictory statements from the older generations.They say, "How can someone be Pro-Life, and Pro-War and Pro-Death Penalty?" I'm not sure there is an adequate answer. God bless America.

Philo said...

If I can introduce a strategic perspective on this:
What is our ultimate goal?
(To end the destruction of unborn children in America.)
What is our plan?
(To elect a president who will appoint judges who will rule that abortion constitutes murder and is therefore illegal.)
Suppose we succeed. What is our opponent's most likely course of action?
Millions of Americans who have participated in, or supported, the fifty million abortions in this country are not psychologically ready to accept that they are accomplices to one of the greatest disasters in human history. Think of the Germans who went about their daily lives while ash rained down on them from concentration camps. Shame is a powerful thing, and it can spark a powerful defensive reflex. Most people cannot accept responsibility for that which is truly despicable. Attempts to force them to accept guilt trigger an angry, if irrational, reaction. In this case, at this time in America, any serious attempt to overturn Roe v. Wade will galvanize pro-choice partisans who would otherwise have eventually turned their attention to other issues. It will increase their fund-raising, as well as the turnout at their rallies and the polls. It will galvanize their political machine, from the grassroots to Washington, just as it has every time a serious threat to Roe has appeared in the last twenty years. In the next election, this re-energized coalition will replace our President and his congressional supporters with others who will promptly kick the Supreme Court football back to Roe. The abortion coalition will have been so energized by their collective horror at the short period that American women will have spent without clean, safe, and legal abortions that they will have the political strength to prolong the practice in this country for generations.
It's time to confront stark reality here, and that includes second-order effects. Fifty million children are dead. They are never coming back to us. We must do what we can to save as many as we can from now on. Direct legal attacks on abortion have been failing for thirty years now, and they become more counterproductive with every election. Far too many members of the Baby-Boom generation and Generation X are not psychologically capable of accepting the immorality of abortion, and there is no reason to believe that they ever will be because they have invested too much of their own morality in it. We will not end abortion before 2030, at the earliest. Millions of children are going to die. Billions don't have to, though.
There will come a day when Americans reject abortion in law, but it will be after a massive change in American ethical reasoning, which will only be possible in a new generation that hasn't grown up in the poisonous atmosphere of the abortion confrontations in our courts. Until then, the best we can do is to take the following steps:
1. Unilaterally abandon any hateful invective from our side of the debate, even though the other side is sometimes worse.
2. Continue to make calm and reasonable secular ethical appeals against the injustice of abortion without specifically demanding criminalization before we have convinced the American people of the justice of our cause.
3. Support the election of pro-life women legislators, especially at the lowest levels, who understand the backlash effect I've been discussing and who will make the appeals described in number 2.
4. Most importantly, save as many children as we can by supporting pregnant women and encouraging them to choose life, and educating young people in order to reduce unwanted pregnancies.
I know this isn't a satisfying strategy. In fact, it is tragic, as is the reality we face. We want to end abortions right now, or next year, but that will not happen, at least not permanently. We might be able to do it by 2030, though, if we are careful and wise. If we are not, and we continue to pursue the course that has resulted in diminishing returns for our side and increased support for our opponents, abortions could very well continue into the twenty-second century.
We have a chance to save billions of lives in the end. I've lived my whole life in a nation where children are destroyed in their mothers' wombs. I don't want to die in one. So I ask you all, what is your goal? What is your plan? What do you honestly think you will achieve by it?

Kellene said...

A good friend of mine sent me a link to this blog. I am a young woman in college, and very strongly pro-life. I don't understand how my peers can see killing a baby as their right to "choose". I also am appalled that more education is not given about abortions so these women are not told about all the negative consequences further down the road, such as a high rate of post-traumatic stress disorder that can develop months after the abortion. (see So many women see abortion as an easy way out and don't think of the consequences, and the pro-choice crowd seeks to keep them in the dark under the pretense of allowing them to "choose".
Besides that, many of Obama's other policies would be disastrous, yet they sound so appealing to people without all the facts. He claims he's going to cut taxes for most people. Income taxes, perhaps (though I still don't believe that's even possible, with all the government programs he wants). What about taxes on other things? What about people who have been responsible in saving for retirement-- will their life savings be taxed? If so, what would be the incentive for our society not to continue in its trend toward spending more than they earn to buy things that aren't necessary, and constantly living in debt?
What about socialized healthcare? It sounds so great, until you realize that it has negative consequences. For instance, my mother is a cancer patient. Thankfully, she is covered under our health insurance, but if that coverage ever runs out, we will have the option of paying out of pocket for her treatment-- and would gladly do so, selling everything we have if it came to that. If socialized healthcare ever comes about, we would not have that option, because it would be "unfair" to let us get treatment others could have simply because we would find the money to pay for it. It is likely that they would claim her treatment is just a lost cause, because there would be many others the government would have to pay for, and the government would have no more problem with letting her die than with killing these babies for their mothers' poor choices.
And to the person who posted that letting soldiers die in Iraq was also disregarding life: have you ever talked to someone who served in Iraq? Several of my friends and members of my church have served in Iraq, and they do not even remotely take the mentality of being sent there to die. They talk about all the good they did there, and how the media distorts the situation there to make it seem worse. They are some of the most courageous individuals I have ever met, and are serving the country of their own free will because they believe they can protect and help people. There is absolutely no comparison between them choosing to risk their lives for our sake, and the slaughter of innocent babies because their mothers refused to make responsible choices.
Yes, the pro-life issue is extremely important. However, there are many other reasons why we as responsible, compassionate human beings should not elect Obama as our next president.

Matt said...

John Quincy Adams said "Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost."

If you feel that Alan Keyes or Chuck Baldwin would make a better president than McCain or Obama, by all means vote for them! It's very disturbing to see everyone saying that voting for Alan Keyes is a wasted vote just because "he can't win"!

Louis L'Amour, a great author once said "To make democracy work, we must be a nation of participants, not simply observers. One who does not vote has no right to complain." So whether you're voting for the "lesser of two evils" or someone from a third party who better represents what you believe, just get out and vote!

Rhonda Ross said...

We will all have to answer to God, if we stand by and do nothing to stop abortion.