Sunday, October 26, 2008

What's at stake: Human Life

What is at stake this election year is nothing short of human life. We really need to pray these days for all those seeking elected office. Click here for a prayer from Bishop Malooly for all of our political leaders. Let's not give up hope! The lives of innocent unborn babies depends on our nations choice on November 4. The above video puts the issue plainly. Pray, fast and vote for life!


bfhu said...

I loved that and would like to post it on my blog but the code does not embed as the video you have on your site. How can I get this?
Thanks Pam

Padre Steve said...

Pam, on the top right hand corner of the video you will see the "get codes" button. Push that button and you should see the embed code pop into the screen. Then press the "copy code" button on the top. That should work! Good luck and God bless! Fr. Steve