Sunday, October 26, 2008

Chase Hilgenbrinck: Seminary Follow up!

ESPN did a follow up on Major League Soccer Star turned Seminarian Chase Hilgenbrinck! Check out the story and video!

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MELAI said...

I am from the Philippines and I love reading Hollywood gossip articles, I am no fan of soccer so I really had no idea of who Chase Hilgenbrinck was. I opened some gossip articles and came across a news about a young soccer player who will relinquish his lucrative soccer career into a more rewarding priestly vocation. That news item about him made me really happy, inspired and totally dazed. Wow!!! He heed THE LORD'S CALL and I am really happy, he is really valiant for making such a very beautiful decision...may Fr. Chase-(I am going to call him Fr. already for I firmly believe that he will successfully become one)to win many lost souls for Jesus Christ. With THE LORD'S grace and help I know that Fr. Chase will triumph over sins and temptation, stay firm on your faith and Love in Jesus Christ... For me you really are a VICTOR. I’ll include you in my prayers...GOD LOVES SO MUCH THAT IS WHY HE CALLED YOU TO BECOME HIS STEWARD...Good luck and God Bless you....

to all the Priests here on earth--GOD Loves you all and God Bless

and to those who are being called by God to enter priesthood---Follow HIM!

thank you...

Mela from Calamba City Philippines