Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pope Benedict XVI: The Rosary is a school of silent contemplation

The following comes from H20 News:
The Rosary is a school of silent contemplation and has an intimate connection to the Word of God. Benedict XVI made this remark in Pompei while speaking to the faithful after an intense recitation of the Rosary. The falling repetition of the Hail Mary does not disturb interior silence, in fact, it requires it and encourages it. Silence flourishes amid the words and the phrases, like a sixth sense that transcends those words and also that speaks to the heart. This is the connection between the Rosary and Word of God: prayer is interwoven with elements of Scripture and, in order to be a contemplative prayer, it must emerge as a response to the Word, along the lines of the prayer of Mary. In the evening, Benedict XVI concluded his visit and returned to the Vatican.


Carlos Echevarria said...

Father Steve did you see Megyn Kelly of FoxNews (whom I liked as an anchor) excoriate Father Morris over Archbishop's Chaput remarks in regards to Biden/Kmiec???

And Morris was agreeing with her about the tone of the rhetoric???

Did I miss something???

Isn't abortion an intrinsic evil???

How about Biden saying that he is NOT a John Paul II Catholic????

Padre Steve said...

I missed this! I have always liked her as well, but clearly most journalists don't understand the Church and its teaching on life!

aspiring said...

I have a wonderful little 'history' with this image of Our Lady, Padre, and I'm so delighted and grateful to see this footage of it and of our Holy Father there. Thank you, Padre.