Thursday, October 23, 2008

Meet the Salesian Lay Missioners!

Salesian Lay Missioners from Salesian Missioners on Vimeo.
An introduction to the international volunteer service program of the Salesians of Don Bosco, USA. This short video features footage of our sites in Bolivia, India, and Sierra Leone, and interviews with former SLMs, site directors, and priests, brothers, and sisters in the Salesian family. For more information on this program please click here!

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Kenosis said...

Pax Christi, Father! I found your Blog in Father Antony's Blog. I'm brasilian and my husband is being prepared to Permanent Diaconate.I like to read about spirituality, cathequesis, etcForgive my poor english.I'd like to link your blog to mine and I'd like to know if you do not mind. I have a simple and poor blog only to spread the Love of God. I got a translator but I know it do not translate well. Well, it's better than nothing.My poor prayers are yours and of your Priesthood way. Please, pray for us, Father. Kind God and Sweet Mother bless you and your way so much!In Domino et Maria semper!