Thursday, July 23, 2009

Little Sisters of the Poor celebrate profession of vows

The video celebrates the profession of four new Little Sisters of the Poor and introduces four new novices. This year their holy foundress will be canonized! They are trying to raise money to send the novices to that canonization:

“…we are in need of raising $4,000 to send novices and a Little Sister to the canonization of our Mother Foundress Jeanne Jugan in Rome on October 11! Each of our Homes is selling cookies, etc. to send Little Sisters and elderly Residents to Rome, but we don’t have the possibilities and contacts here in the novitiate that our Homes have. Any help would be more than appreciated. The young Sisters who attend the canonization will never forget this event, and will pass down their memories to younger generations—to keep the spirit of Jeanne Jugan alive!”

The incredibly inspiring story of their Foundress, Jeanne Jugan is here, and yes, she was something else! If you are inclined to help make this dream come true for these sisters and some of their residents, you can send a donation here:

Little Sisters of the Poor
St Ann’s Novitiate
110-39 Springfield Blvd
P.O. Box 280356

Queens Village, NY 11429-2513
Phone: (718) 464-4920

For more on this story check out the Anchoress!

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Carlos Echevarria said...

New apostolic nuncio in Cuba...

Do you know anything about him?

I must tell you, with all respect, that Cardinal Bertone commited a major faux pas in Cuba when he traveled there and had the audacity to say that Raul Castro was a friend of the Church and the Cuban regime was one we could deal with.

As opposed to John Paul II the Great who confronted evil head on.