Friday, July 24, 2009

Pope Benedict continues to rest and work on his next book at Les Combes

Despite having his right arm immobilized, Benedict XVI is in good spirits, Since hes not able to write, hes recording his thoughts in order to keep the work flowing.

The pope even had time to receive Cardinal Bertone. The secretary of state has brought him some encouraging messages from the King and Queen of Spain and from German Chancellor Angela Merkel wishing him well after he fractured his wrist.

During the popes daily strolls, neighbors from the Aosta Valley greet him and ask him about his health. One of the children told the pope that during the winter there can be up to six meters of snow on the ground here.

During the next few days Benedict XVI will undergo a full medical examination to see how the injury is healing.


Carlos Echevarria said...

Hi Father, I was going to post this today...I really enjoy the Holy Father's interactions with Monsignor Gaenswein, personal sec.

As you probably know Zelaya is up to no good again, trying to cross the border, or at a minimum creating a some sort of incident which will lead to mayhem and bloodshed.

I am praying that Catholic nation has the will to resist and survive...

Padre Steve said...

Yes, the Hondurans are being tested for sure. I think the people are going to keep Zelaya out themselves. I agree that we need to keep praying for this poor nation!