Friday, October 23, 2009

Day of Fast for Priests

The Fourth annual, worldwide Lay Fast for Priests will take
place on Saturday, 24 October 2009. Every lay member of
the Body of Christ is invited to join the global Fasters from
all corners of the Universal Church who want to lift up our
priests to Almighty God for their protection, divine
sustenance and fidelity to the ministry of Holy Orders.

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Dawn Lapka said...

God Bless our priests! I actually participated in the world day of fasting for priests, but I think it is great that a blog site was made for inviting people to do it.

I actually belong to an organization called Opus Sanctum Angelorum, which does spiritual adoption (and in some ways emotional adoption of priests.) We pray for them each day, adopt a priest each year, and pray for that one priest, in addition to all the priests we know, and we do works of penance for them. Also of course donations when it is possible. It is a great organization, and it helps the priest know he has someone asking God to provide for him, like back-up for the soul.

I am grateful to know so many and be loved by a few that know my heart story, and I am just grateful to have been helped through dark times in my life by them, so praying and fasting is a small thing I can do, to love them back. Thank you Lord for our Priests! Without them there would be no Eucharist. Without priests, there would be no way to deposit the faith that we all share, Catholic and Protestant alike; the faith that Peter was Given from Jesus.