Monday, October 19, 2009

Peter Schiff on Freedom Watch

We have to pray for wisdom in the midst of all this economic confusion.


Chessie said...

I am convinced we are in for a bad time. But what are we to do? I don't have tons of money to invest in gold, and I just want to protect my family. Should we all be stocking up on food and supplies?

Padre Steve said...

I think many are in the same boat. Yes, I agree it is going to get worse before it gets better. I think spiritual preparation is the most important. As long as we are grounded in faith we can handle any crisis. But, I think having a month's worth of food in the house is not a bad idea!

kent4jmj said...

I think many of us have not seen what was coming due to our own inability to read the signs of the times and to follow our Lord.

Now that it is becoming more obvious what is happening we are tempted by fear and despair.

Humility and trust are required. A simple prayer to God asking for pardon and His Blessing and guidance on what to do from here may be the ticket.

Pray about it and if you can stock up a little there is nothing saying you can't. Our grandparents did because it was the way folks used to live. A little something for a rainy day. But remember to apply it in the spiritual realm also. Increase Prayer Time!

bucnanc said...

Chessie-Padre Steve is correct. In fact, I couldn't have stated it better myself. This so-called economic crisis has been manufactured by the NWO for years! It's just now coming into play, and has taken a roller coaster ride at our expense. I have to remind myself that God will "Weed Them Out"! I know that it's not much consulation at the moment, but we will see BETTER DAYS! He has assured us of that.